Suhr 对改用 Gotoh颤音系统的解释
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Question: This question is mainly for Mr Tyler and Mr Suhr but all opinions wanted ! In fitting and repairing locking tremolos since they came out, I've found the original Floyd to have deteriorated in quality to such a point that I want a better option …. And I think the Gotoh is it at the moment. The saddles and the locking nuts are a lot harder than the original Floyd’s are now, and I wondered why it is not on more guitars as OEM particularly as the price is also good. 

Suhr: Gotoh is good and I will probably switch soon since the Floyds are really being made like ASS. We spend at least an extra hour on every Floyd bridge fixing things. Since both Schallers died it has been downhill from there I built some other companies guitar with the Gotoh and they seemed very consistent and well made. 

Follow up Question: What are some of the issues you're seeing with the new Original Floyds ? 

Suhr: You have a few days ? 

• Sometimes the back of the saddle is too tall preventing the fine tuner from having a full range of motion. 

• The way the string leaves the saddle it does not have a firm break off point, the string slides around in the saddle. This changes the intonation, buzzes and can just sound bad. We have to get a detail Dremel bit and re-contour the saddle with magnifiers on to see what we are doing. We have to do this on them all ! 

• Fine tuners pinched too course and are rough many times. 

• Saddle heights can be uneven, requiring regrinding or shimming. 

• Roll away at nut not correct making the string not leave the nut edge where it is supposed to leave. This also screws with intonation and the strings can buzz when played open. 

• Casting bumps in the nut slots which have to be ground off, maybe one out of five. 

• Saddle to rear section of the saddle is sloppy, this cause string buzz, saddle pin has to be removed and saddle pinched to tighten it up. 

• Hold plates that hold the blocks up are not pushed up far enough so sometimes the screw pin doesn’t align up with the hole in the block and you wind up cracking the block. 

• Sometimes the arms start to wiggle and there isn’t much you can do since the cap on top is snug. 

I'm sure there are a few other things I'm leaving out .... 

They are a pain, I wish [color=#ffffff]Kahler [/color]would make Floyds again I have no idea what is stopping them since the patent has run out. 

I think I will start with the Gotohs very soon since I do love the Floyd idea.

翻译: 凝固的黎明 

提问: 这个问题主要是问Tyler先生和Suhr先生,不过大家的想法都可以交流一下! 在平时调整和维修颤音系统的时候,我发现Floyd琴桥的质量在变差,于是我想换一个更好的,这时候我第一个想到的是Gotoh.  Gotoh的弦鞍和弦锁(琴桥上的)要比现在的Floyd更结实一些,我很奇怪为什么这么好而且价格合适的琴桥没有很多的吉他品牌来用它做OEM出厂配置. 

Suhr:  Gotoh琴桥很不错, 自从Floyd开始变差我就打算尽快开始使用Gotoh了. 我们基本上每调整一个Floyd的琴桥都要多费1个小时. 自从schallers开始走下坡路之后,这种琴桥就陷入低谷了. 我做了一些其他的吉他, 使用了Gotoh配件, 看来它们很坚固可靠、做工也不错. 

接下来的问题: 你觉得新的Floyd琴桥有哪些问题呢? 

Suhr: 那你可得听上几天了. 

• 有些时候弦鞍太高导致调节范围受限,没法很好的进行调整。 

• 弦鞍上没有给琴弦留出合适的缺口, 弦会在弦鞍上来回滑动,这会造成音高改变、杂音、声音变差. 我们需要用放大镜看着,一点儿一点儿非常仔细地打磨弦鞍上的细节。基本上所有的我们都要重新加工。 
• 想要调好它你要花很长的时间,而且很难。 

• 弦鞍高低不均,有个体差异,还需要重新打磨或垫高。
• 摇把摇下去的时候, 琴弦应该会离开弦鞍(应该是只剩下被夹住得弦根部和琴桥连接),但是用Floyd的时候有时候不能彻底离开,结果在演奏的时候就会造成杂音。 

• 螺丝槽做得有些粗糙, 需要从新磨,这样的情况5个里就会有一个。 

• 弦鞍的后部空间贴合的不紧密, 这样会导致琴弦出现杂音, 需要把弦鞍后部重新打磨让他们结合紧密。 

• 有时候个别弦的弦鞍不够高, 你需要调整,  但是螺丝与螺口又不是非常匹配,经常调整的话会损坏弦锁。 

• 有时候摇把会变松动, 令人很没办法.。 



我想我会尽快和Gotoh开始合作, 不过我仍然很喜欢过去的Floyd. 





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